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Law Enforcement Vehicle Impounds

If your vehicle had been impounded by law enforcement you will need the following items to establish ownership in order to pick up your vehicle.
  • Title or current state issued registration in your name
  • A state issued Photo ID ( Drivers License, State issued Id card or Passport)
  • Current insurance verification
  • Please Note Insurance coverage does NOT prove ownership

    * In some cases there may be a HOLD from a law enforcement agency on you vehicle.
The hold will have to be released before you can pick up your vehicle
    Please call in advance and we can check your vehicle to see if this step
    is necessary for you.

We understand that being in a vehicle accident or having your vehicle impounded is not something
you may go through on a regular basis. But under Oklahoma Law we are required to obtain this
information. You may fax or Email us all information prior to arriving to help speedup the release of
your vehicle.
                     You may fax us at 580-889-7197 or  Email
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